Let’s Get Socratic

2 min readNov 3, 2016

White House published a report about Artificial Intelligence. The volatile future we have been talking about for the last decade is happening now.

Developing and studying machine intelligence can help us better understand and appreciate our human intelligence. Used thoughtfully, AI can augment our intelligence, helping us chart a better and wiser path forward.

We can and we should do better in Turkey, too. Our collective awareness, R&D, integrated executions, education, preparation of legislations for the new technologies, is below our capabilities and needs. We -not only as our government bodies, associations, but also as corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, academic bodies and citizens- have to take our responsibility to make use of the technology for the goodness and wellbeing of the humanity…

What is our future design for ourselves and for our kids? It s time to design new narratives for an exponential society.

Join us in London on the 25th of November, for a Socratic Design Workshop to design meaningful futures. Click here for further information about Socratic Design.

Let’s get Socratic and get rid of our old assumptions, addictive thoughts and ignorance. It is time to unlock our wisdom and love, in our business thinking, as well as our daily lives. It is time to know ourselves. ❤️

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