Play with Me

4 min readJun 2, 2019

Last night I attend to my first 1on1 sound healing session. The chimes of singing bowl, blending with rain, river and forest sounds from the speaker bring back a lot of sensory excitement which I used to have when I was a child. I start giggling with the ticklish vibrations that are rising in my body. ‘Hello’, says a little voice, ‘Play with me’. My eyes are closed with an eye band, but I know her, she is me, my 4 year old version, the explorer, curious, energetic me. I accept little Canay’s invitation and we have a blast navigating through new sounds, colors, even discovering new mimics on my face.

After this sensational evening, I wake up to a silent grey morning. Waking up to the sound of my daughters ‘mama mama’ is the best sound ever. But this morning they are with their dad and the house is empty. Automatically I start thinking and planning all the things I have to do this week, my adult chores is about to take over my whole focus.

‘Play with me’ she demands firmly

And all of a sudden, i feel a giggle in my belly. Look at that; little Canay is there, impatiently shaking me to wake up from autopilot mode. I feel very happy; she was not a temporary vision only! ‘Play with me’ she demands firmly. ‘Yes..But..’, I start feeling weak, I am about to communicate my excuses of why i don’t have time for her. Then I stop. I stop because I know little decisions matter. I also know that it all comes down to little decisions that build up this thing called ‘my life story’. But most importantly I am wired with the best technology which can tell how I feel is a reflection of how in line I am with my best potential. I am ready to take a different path this time, I am ready to follow my energy. I am ready to follow my vibrant, curious little explorer.

“Paying non-judgemental attention to your feelings and thoughts, until it becomes a river of joy, is the secret to all self transformations. ” ~ Canay Atalay

My adult mind agrees; What would be the harm of a play date with my inner child? Why not to go out for a short run to energize my body? Actually it is a great choice not only to enjoy my Sunday and to be healthier but also to be more creative in my work. So I put on my sneakers and started paving the streets. Little Canay is giggling, I am singing and jumping. The sun feels shinier, people seem friendlier and sweeter than ever. Many people are smiling and nodding me with their heads. Most interestingly cars stop to let me pass. Literally, all of them. (The chances of drivers letting pedestrians cross before them as in Istanbul is almost the same chances of you riding a unicorn.) After my run I sit down in a cafe, ask for a plant based chai latte. The barista says they are out of plant based milk but he agreed to go and purchase my favorite coconut milk brand. All I have to do is to ask.

It is as if there is a secret pact I made with hundreds of people, and they are taking their role in my play. My partner on Facetime tells me that he hasn’t seen for me shining this brightly for a long time. We make jokes and laugh constantly. What is happening to the world? What is this joyous energy running in my body? I notice it is me smiling, it is me asking for things kindly, little things that give me pleasure. It is me paying attention to how i feel, looking into the eyes of others geniuinely and playing with them on a Sunday. The rest of the day flows like a river; I write my morning pages and finish my chores -most of which I have been delaying for weeks-. And here I am writing on Medium after one and a half year!

Play isn’t something you only do when you are a child. It is not something to finally get to when you are with your children after work ends. Rather, play, like music, is a force that we feel in our bodies and that whispers in our heart. Play is the daily life. As children demonstrate, play is here and now. Paying non-judgemental attention to your feelings and thoughts, until it becomes a river of joy, is the secret to all self transformations. Next time, ask yourself what is that you feel and think, before rejecting an invitation to play.

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” ~ Alan W. Watts

Dear little me, dear children of this world, thank you for inviting us to play with you constantly. Thank you for your smiles, your giggles and the way you inspire us to see a new world through your deserving precious beings. I promise to take good care of myself and serve you best with Children First World. Let’s play!

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With love & joy,

Canay Atalay




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