The Way Out is The Way Through

Living Life With Intention & Attention

2 min readOct 1, 2020

Many years ago, I learned one key information, that is the basis of all my conscious actions. Here it is:

“There is nothing outside of yourself.”


To some of you, this is a cliche. To some shocking news, and to some maybe a laughing matter. To me, this information, is GOLD.

Imagine; you are everything that is happening in your perceived life; what you observe, analyse, chose to ignore, think, and engage with…Imagine for 10 seconds…Have you? What if it is all you?

A neighbour you smiled at/avoided…

The politicians that you are blaming/voting for…

Climate change you act against/fuel…

The Netflix series you got excited for/fell asleep with…

Water you blessed/wasted…

Music that moved your heart/gave you a headache…

An ex partner you hate/miss…

Cold weather that shook your spine/cheered you up…

Let’s give it a chance…If what you have been experiencing all day today, and the day before, and before…is you, what would you be? A story of beauty and love, or a nightmare? An exciting original composition, or a routine chorus?

Photo by Hardini Lestari on Unsplash

What are you repeating, what are you creating?

I love experimenting with this. In the middle of a meeting, or playtime with my children, or before sleeping, I stop for a moment, just to see, who I am and what I am becoming next. Like slowing down the time, but almost becoming the flow, the creation, and the creator.

Try it.

You won’t see this version in the news, in the charts of future reports, nor in the books…This one, this story, expands and shrinks with you.

I invite all of you to stop nagging, blaming, shaming or excusing…And start living, by being the journey. Every step of it.

Because my friend, it is all you. Sooner than later, better own it. And that moment of taking responsibility of all-without labeling what is more important or what is higher in your mental hierarchy; you start living with intention & attention. It is counterintuitive and yet true. That is the moment you surrender to life, at its full potential; selfless, and expansive!

Oh how joyous to share this GOLD to shine, together.

Welcome to your journey, and to your story. Please share yourself in the comments below, whether your thoughts, emotions or experiences. I am open to laughters and celebrations too!

I love you. Radically.


P.S: Now this one, feels like a good come back start for me. Thank you Desiree Driesenaar for inviting, to start writing my own Heroine’s Journey!




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